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The word “Terra” is the latin name of our mother EARTH according to Wikipedia. As human being, we love to have a lots of fun in our life time. And to confirm this notion is our hobby. Either you agree with me or not, somewhere and somehow in our lifetime we had a hobby. A hobbies that we are probably doing it right now.  Be it by reading books, writing novels, making some stuff, singing, cooking, collecting items, gardening, walking, biking, canoeing and a lot more to mention.

Who is Terra Hobby

Having that thought in mind as I am living and breathing right now on top of our beloved mother earth, I might as well name this hobby online toy store of mine as “Terra Hobby”.

We, at “Terra Hobby” loves remote control devices and gadgets. We are fascinated about how it works and how we can control it the way we want. We have this notion.

We cannot control human being happiness and fulfillment. However we can control the devices and gadgets that makes us happy and fulfilled.

Terra Hobby Onlline store is focused mainly on all items related to remote control (RC) devices or gadgets. I had classified them as RC for water, land and air respectively.

Thou some of my other collections as well had something to do with modelling kits or scale model items. These items had been scaled down to a model outfit. Either it’s already been built for you to just display in your house or office. And the other side of modelling kits are you have to do-it by yourself or DIY. Which is actually pretty much amazing and accelerating when you do it by yourself. You know what? The best part when you choose DIY items is the finished products. It really feels great to show to your friends and colleagues about what you did.

Hobbies by Category

Having all these hobbies that we are all fascinated about, I’ve manage to classify them by categories in my store for easier access of each groupings, namely;

  • RC Boats – these are rc devices and gadgets that either hovering, floating or submerge.
  • RC Cars and Trucks – these are rc devices and gadgets that can run fast or crawl in land.
  • RC Planes, Copters & Drones – these are rc devices or gadgets that can fly.
  • RC Toys for kids – these are rc devices and gadgets that can be play with by kids ages 10 years old and younger.
  • RC Transmitter – these are remote control transmitter devices to control the rc devices mention above.
  • Hobby model items – these are items that are scaled down to a model outfit either already been made or you have to DIY (do-it-yourself).

The items you can find in this hobby online shop are carefully check and identified based on market demands and popularity, discounts and volume of purchases.


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