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Airplanes aren’t the only radio controlled devices that take to the skies. Remote control helicopters are becoming more and more popular. They require around the same (perhaps a little less) detail as planes, and allow for a more interesting flying experience since they can hover in mid-air, and go backwards / forwards on command.

The novelty of flying a toy helicopter is what attracts many people to building one, while planes usually attract those who enjoy the technical and mathematical aspects of getting the plane to leave the ground. Both are extremely rewarding, especially after hours and hours of labor.

If you are thinking of exactly what specific push-button control helicopter to purchase, then this article should assist.

Gas push-button control helicopter

If you are thinking about flying a helicopter that in some way close to flying a genuine helicopter, then the gas remote control helicopter is for you. Made with an engine and powered by gas, this helicopter is the most innovative push-button control helicopter to purchase. Gas remote control helicopter does not come low-cost with engine and more complex moving parts. Gas push-button control helicopter is for sophisticated RC pilot.

Electric remote control helicopter

Early electrical remote control helicopters launched are expensive however later models are more budget-friendly. This makes electrical remote control helicopters more popular than any type of remote control helicopters in the market. It is simple to fly. It creates no sound and smell not like the gas remote control helicopter. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. The electric remote control helicopter appropriates for newbies.

Mini remote control helicopter

Also powered by battery, this type of push-button control helicopter resembles the electrical rc helicopter. It is tough to define if the electrical remote control helicopter falls on the category of a mini. However to be safe about it, you can state that it is tiny if you can fly it on your living-room without imposing danger on your furniture. Mini remote control helicopter is fun to fly although controlling it on air may be a little complicated at first. Once you get the hang of it, maneuvers and landings are simple. It is also much more affordable than the 2 discussed types of remote control helicopter.

Micro remote control helicopter

If you have actually seen micro RC vehicle, micro RC boat, and micro RC airplane, then you should not be amazed if you see micro push-button control helicopter. This small piece of airplane can extend approximately 8 inches. But, you can rule out it a toy. It has standard features similar to that of a standard push-button control helicopter. It is so small that makes it look so fragile but in face, products used such as titanium and carbon is strong.

Here are the different types of remote control helicopter:

  1. Toy remote control helicopter– If you desire a budget-friendly push-button control helicopter, then this one is for you. Only remember that to fly this kind of remote control helicopter requires a great deal of practice.
  2. Gas remote control helicopter– If you are thinking of flying a helicopter that somehow close to flying a genuine helicopter, then the gas remote control helicopter is for you.
  3. Electric remote control helicopter– Early electrical remote control helicopters launched are costly but later designs are more inexpensive.
  4. Mini remote control helicopter– Also powered by battery, this type of remote control helicopter is similar to the electric rc helicopter.
  5. Micro remote control helicopter– If you have seen micro rc automobile, micro rc boat, and micro rc aircraft, then you need to not be amazed if you see micro remote control helicopter.
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